2011 LGBTQA Center Welcome Back “Family” BBQ

While many of our brothers attended the recruitment academy just across the lake in Plattsburgh, those who remained in town spent their morning volunteering at the annual LGBTQA Center Welcome Back “Family” BBQ hosted by UVM’s LGBTQA Center. It was a pleasure working with Dot Brauer, Nelson Sears, and John Mejia to create a welcoming and safe space for all students and we hope to work with the center again in the near future.

Founded in 1918 as the first national fraternity to accept men regardless of their race or religious affiliation, we take it upon us as stewards of a tradition much older than ourselves to extend these parameters to include those who identify as homosexual. We are proud of all of our brothers and of the UVM Greek Community as a whole for addressing issues such as these and continuously working on educating ourselves to create the most welcoming and encouraging brotherhood possible.

“I believe in that broad conception of democracy which seeks freedom of opportunity, and recognizes no color, race, creed, or position.” a quote from The Founder’s Creed

To learn more about The LGBTQA Center at UVM and their commitment to the University, please visit them online at LGBTQA Center@UVM

From Left to Right: TJ Mumford, Aaron Haight, Phil Morin, Baldwin Delgado, and Matt Tolosky