Campus Leaders

College is an amazing place and one that has a significant way of separating people. Certain people emerge and others may fall by the wayside. Your path in college is completely up to you to decide, one of the few times in life where you get to do so. Still somehow a few people tend to stand out when it comes to being renowned and recognizable on any campus. Sometimes it’s for the wrong reasons but usually it’s for their monumental contributions to your institution. These are your campus leaders. The question is are you one of them?

There are so many types of leaderships and everyone does it differently. Leaders are not born, they are made. Yes some people may be inherently more apt to lead than others, but everyone has the potential to be a leader. Whether you tap into that latent glimmer of courage is up to you. Naturally some people are just drawn to step up and others may lead from the background. No matter what kind of leader you are it’s imperative that you are a leader within your organization. You don’t have to be president, recruitment chair or even a leader at all times, but rather know when you’re able to take the lead and do so.

Campus Leadership

Being visible on campus is one of the easiest, yet gloriously underrated, things you can do to build rapport and strengthen your reputation both in your fraternity/sorority life community and within your institution as a whole. How is someone 20130818-112004.jpgsupposed to tell you’re a fraternity man? Does it require you having to wear when walking around campus? Do you have to pass out recruitment fliers to the point where people avoid you? Do you have to be recognized with an award to make an appearance? It shouldn’t take a special occasion, but even more so, displaying your letters – that is, your literal manifestation of all that defines your organization to let people know you are in a fraternity. If you’re doing all that you can be present, engaged, and a positively contributing member of your campus community, then those that know you or of you will come to know regardless of whether or not you’re sporting letters. Being visible is about being known and acknowledged for the right reasons. The good work you do, the implicit things that may not be so obvious and all the work that goes unthanked, that is what will get you noticed. It’s those that are making the making the least unnecessary noise and doing the most work, that will eventually become synonymous not only with your chapter but you as an individual within that.

Subtle Tips to Get Noticed:
Door holding (properly dressed); Candy & Compliments (tell strangers what you like about them); Clubs/Organizations (being involved in things other than fraternity/sorority life is crucial); Volunteering (do your part for a better community); Attending Events (support other campus partners and students).
What kind of campus leader are you? What role should a fraternity play in making change on campus?