Brotherhood Leadership

Brotherly Resolutions

At the beginning of every new year people make resolutions that they promise to uphold, but somehow never do. The big problem with these resolutions is that they are not measurable. They’re usually vague and have no tangible goal marks to achieve along the way. It’s hard to reach a goal that seems so very far away. If you want your resolutions to stick make them realistic. They should be a challenge, but also should be attainable. Resolutions also need to be broken up into smaller parts, like miniature deadlines on the way to larger final project. Every time you meet your benchmarks, you get that good feel that you’ve accomplished something. At the end of the year, if you’re diligent, you’ll be exactly where you want to be. What do resolutions have to do with being a fraternity man? A lot more than you would think.

My Fraternity Resolutions for 2014:

  1. Be a better brother: Outreach – talk/hang out with the brothers I don’t know as well at least twice a month; Bigs/Littles – make a point to check-in with my big and my littles at least once a week; Celebrate – acknowledge accomplishments and attend events to support my brothers (birthdays, awards etc.)
  2. Do my part: Autonomy – fulfill my positional duties to best of my ability without being dependent on my brothers to give me direction always; Meetings – contribute constructively (follow Robert’s Rules; make new points not rehash old ones) and refrain from side conversations/multimedia distractions; Attend Events – keep track of my own community service hours/philanthropy efforts; make a point to attend at least 2-3 events per month
  3. Replace myself: Make a point to introduce myself to a complete stranger at least once a week; find a great recruit and pursue them like you were pursued – bring at least one new member in by the end of  the semester
  4. Show my pride: Wear my letters at least once a week; attend non-Greek events at least once a month and work the room

Those resolutions aren’t really unique to just me, but can apply to all of us in this fraternal movement. We need to be rejuvenated and find that fervor we first had when we joined our chapters. We must be vigilant in improving not only ourselves, but our chapters, and our communities. It starts with our self-work and spreads outwardly from there. Happy New Year and good luck in keeping your resolutions.


*Comment below one thing you’d like to do this year for your fraternity