Brother of All Recaps

Running a blog can be a time consuming task but one that can be thoroughly fulfilling. As VP of Administration I serve as not only the secretary but the historian of my fraternity. Documenting our journey is something I strive to do the best of my ability. At every event you’ll see me taking attendance, taking pictures, shooting videos, and trying to capture these seemingly insignificant but truly monumental moments as I can. It can definitely be a lot to handle and it’s one of the positions that gets taken for granted since most of the work I do is the in the background. I always keep in mind that people will appreciate the things I do eventually if not now, when we’ve all departed our beloved university and look back for remnants of what we did in our college years. I’ll be the one with the important job of preserving our story. I’m proud to be in my position and I will continue to  share the story of our chapter.

It’s been a while since I lasted had time to post on here and so much has happened for our chapter. If you missed my backlogged chapter awards post – catch it here – . Read on for a rundown of what the brothers of Phi Mu Delta: Nu Gamma chapter have been up to since you last heard from us.

Chili Cook Off

We participated in UVM Fraternity and Sorority Life’s 10th Annual Chili Cook-Off (ironically one of the longest remaining traditions of our institution) and for the second year in a row were awarded first prize for best chili. The event drew record numbers of students both affiliated and non-affiliated. The atmosphere was lively and people seemed to truly enjoy themselves (I’ll take credit for that, IFC VP of Programming & Recruitment putting in work).

IMG_4613 IMG_4599 IMG_4572

Valentine’s Day Heroes

Brother Pilav came up with the ingenious idea to serenade the wonderful sorority women on our campus. Brothers rehearsed and journey around campus to sing their hearts out. It was truly a sight to see – check out the video below for one of the performances.


It’s been kind of crazy the past few weeks the all the events and programs that have gone on. There have been a couple of bowling nights, FSL 90’s Game Night, video game night, pizza making, and even brotherhood events at men’s hockey and basketball games. In addition, some brothers have made a point to attend social justice programs and retreats. All of the events have brought us closer together as brothers and allowed us to see one another in different contexts that we may not get during our limited chapter interactions.

IMG_5081_1 IMG_4707_Crop Cute



The brothers were fortunate enough to be able to participate in the inaugural UVMaraTHON which benefitted the Andrew McDonough B+ Foudation supporting pediatric cancer research and offering aid for medical expenses for families with children dealing with cancer. The 12 hour marathon was a total blast. Almost every brother was there to participate and total we did over 100 hours of dancing and were one of the most represented fraternities there. It’s worth mentioning the high energy and willingness to participate that our brothers brought which truly made the event special for all of us there. As a brother in a more observant role (running the game room at the event and wearing two other student leadership titles at the same time), multiple sorority women and faculty members let me know how much they appreciated the liveliness the brothers of our chapter brought. In total, UVM surpassed it’s $25K goal and raised just over $40K!

B+ Pic Survivors

Last but not least we’ve had some new members join our ranks in Connor Devoe, Dylan Funnell, James Biddle, Kace Nelson, and Will Lemos. It’s been awesome to have them be part of our brotherhood and amazing to see them already representing the fraternity proudly. It’s spring break currently and the second half of the semester is sure to be as busy if not even more hectic than the first half. Keep up with our story by liking us on facebook or following us on twitter for more regular updates. Hopefully I’ll have some help soon to keep this blog up to date.


Brother Oteng