Brotherhood Leadership Service

Brother Superhero

Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound! A description that is fit for Superman, but one that sometimIMG_5070es can be used to describe a brother, one may call a “Superhero Brother”. He’s always active on the campus, passionate about everything he does, and still makes sure to get his work done and stays active in the fraternity. You sometimes might think he has a magic time turner like Hermione or lives of a diet of air and extracurricular. But in all this, he might not have time to sleep, eat, or even just to take time out of his day for himself. He might realize this or he might be oblivious to it. Brother superhero is truly a crucial asset to your chapter, does the work of five brothers, and usually surprises you for the better.  Losing him is something you should strive to avoid at all costs. Almost everyone loves brother superhero, and don’t get me wrong, he’s who we should all strive to emulate in some ways, but he is also one of the most dangerously problematic brothers in your chapter. Here’s why:

  • Doing others’ work – Brother superhero may get things done but instead of trusting the process to educate other brothers he has a tendency to take over (usually nonchalantly)  and ends up doing more work than necessary. Other brothers may become lazy or remain uneducated about some of the things they were tasked with.
  • Burnout – This brother arguably is the most overworked and somehow finds time and energy to do excellent work but sooner rather than later will burnout and may crash hard. Come to his rescue, either by sharing some of his workload beforehand or giving him proper space and time to recover.
  • Dependency – When the rare day comes around (and it will) that brother superhero cannot save the day, your chapter may find itself up a creek without a paddle. No one person missing should derail any endeavors your chapter takes on, always have a backup plan just in case.

That’s where we fly in. As brothers, it’s our duty to be a support and voice of advice and guidance to other brothers who might be in this spot, especially new members who feel the urge to be at everything but still might need to balance the rest of their priorities or the overachieving student leader who seems to be involved in everything. The last we want to see is a brother fail in an area that he strives for excellence in. So how do we help? Hold a study session with him during some free time, not only to study but also just to catch up with him and see how he’s doing. Support is always the best option. And if you see that it’s beginning to take a toll on them, maybe then step in and let them know to take it easy. Support before you advise against.

But is being a “Superhero Brother” necessarily a bad thing? No. With effective time management and prioritizing, it can be a positive way to get involved not only in the fraternity but on campus and give some purpose to some of those long, endless hours of doing nothing that you might have. But the emphasis is on time management and prioritizing. Coming from personal experience, it’s a skill that should not be taken lightly. If you honestly can’t fit something into you schedule where you can’t give 100% or might have to worry about finish an assignment, DON’T DO IT! Stretching yourself to the point of breaking is not a good thing.


In closing, we all have the opportunity to be a “Superhero Brother” in our own ways. As we like to say at camp, take the initiative. Be it a leader of a committee, becoming part of an organization, volunteering, or simple catching up with a fellow brother going that extra step is what makes a brother super.

Don’t Forget to Stay Awesome,

Brother Lemos