Brotherhood Recruitment

The Power of Why



One word. One syllable. Three letters. I believe it’s one of the first words we have an understanding of even from the earliest age. When we’re young, beginning to explore and understand the big world around us, we as “Why is the sky blue?”, “Why is the grass green?”, “Why can’t I have another cookie?”. As we get older, questioning not only the world but ourselves, why begins to take on a stronger role; “Why can’t I find a date?”, “Why did I procrastinate?”, “Why do I even bother?”.


With Fraternity and Sorority Life, “why” is much more than just a question,  it it a reflection of oneself to others. During my first semester as an active member in Phi Mu Delta, I have asked so many potential new members why they would like to be a part of the FSL community. “I want to get more involved.” “I like the community.” “I want to be involved in all the great parties”. There are many other responses, some genuine and some hot off the cookie cutter assembly line. Regardless of any response, the why is always a one way street question; I ask, the potential new member responds, and we start a conversation based off their response.


Until last Friday.


After having finished a fantastic pasta dinner cooked by Joey Oteng, he, Zach (a recent alum), Cam (a first year for Joey’s orientation group and a PNM), and I sat around the small little table in Zach and Joey’s apartment, chatting about life, starting a fraternity on campus, and FSL in general terms. That’s when Cam surprised the three of us with a question, “What’s your WHY?”


It was the first time, at least for me, that someone had genuinely asked me for my why in becoming a brother. Most times, I’d just share a watered down version with PNM’s after we talk about their why, but never had I been directly asked to share. It was a profound moment for me because share our why, the people who have already gone through the process, could be a launch point for someone interested in become a part of our community. They could have a thousand reasons they might want to join, but sharing our personal story, that what drives it home for most.


So remember your whys. Share them with those willing to listen and those willing to understand. Who know what will happen


Don’t Forget to Stay Awesome,


Brother Lemos