Joining Phi Mu Delta

Thank you for your interest in Phi Mu Delta – Nu Gamma. Our fraternity is like no other brotherhood experience. We pride ourselves on our core values of brotherhood, service, and democracy, which guides us to the common trait of leadership. Historically we were the first fraternity to accept brothers without discrimination of color, race, creed, or position. We serve a vital role on campus with many services to offer the community as well as the college.

All events are a great opportunity to meet some of our members and see more about what PMD is all about! We hope to see you there!

Recruitment Spring 2020

If you have any questions or wish to schedule a meeting, please contact me and I will get back as soon as possible:

Patrick Gooley |

Hazing Policy

Cost of Membership

Total New Member Fees (broken down below): $360
Initiation Fee: $300
Induction Fee: $30
IFC New Member Fee: $10
New Member Chapter Dues: $20

Active Member Dues Spring 2018 (broken down below): $500
Insurance + FSL + IFC + National Dues: $199.12
Composite: $14.24
Recruitment: $15.77
Administration: $17.31
Social: $28.46
Formals (Spring): $62.43
FSL Community Activities: $1.35
Brotherhood Activities: $80.05
Service and Philanthropy: $11.54
Leadership Summits: $69.21

Payment Plans
We do offer chapter payment plans! These can be discussed with our VP of Finance (

Scholarships for Members
We do not currently offer scholarships, however should finances be the limiting factor in your decision to join please talk with us and we can see how to make the numbers work out.